October 2016 Meeting Minutes


McCartee’s Barn. Present: Sue Clary, Charlie Duveen, Jay Kerr, Laura Mitchell, Joan Lowe, Donna Orlyk, Angela Sturgis.

President Sue Clary called the meeting to order at 5:15 PM, following her completion of business by appointment. While refusing to reveal her profit for the record, she was significantly cheerful.

Prior to Rose Ann Savage’s motion and Joan Lowe’s second to accept the minutes from our September meeting, Laura Mitchell noted that the minutes should have been dated 9/12 rather than 9/10, wondering, “Did you have a meeting on Saturday and not tell me?” We assured her that we do not take minutes for any of the meetings from which we exclude her.

Under old business, to a person we noted our appreciation of Laura Dunham’s September summary of the progress of the Main Street Area Renaissance Plan. She had been sent by Town Supervisor Seth Pitts, whom we had invited primarily to discuss the progress of a potential Business Area sewer system. Charlie Duveen suggested that Sue re-invite him to speak to us.

During Joan Lowe’s Treasurer’s report, Jay Kerr asked if we had received payments from new participants on the Broadway/Main Street signpost. Joan agreed to check her 2015 records. Current assets include $3997 in checking and $6006 in savings. Donna Orlyk moved that we accept the report. With what appeared to be a unanimous second and approval, we moved on.

For the chamber mixer at RS Taylor Brewery in Hebron, scheduled for October 20, Sue agreed to create a Facebook Event, Angela said she’d bring chamber membership applications, and Rose Ann would report  RSVP count to Taylor’s on 10/18. [The mixer successfully occurred as scheduled, with good attendance.]

In an effort to preserve the environment for our grandchildren, the troupe attending the Mannix Marketing Seminar in Lake George on Wednesday, October 19, entertained possible carpooling arrangements. [While the environment was not very successfully preserved, board/committee subsidized attendees Bellanca, Clary, Duveen, Kerr, and Sturgis, and independently-financed members Aggy Duveen and Donna Orlyk had a full-day exposure to social media which can inform their own businesses and the chamber’s marketing efforts.]

Sue explored interest from board members for a float for the Thanksgiving Saturday Christmas Parade, headed by Laura Dunham. She left it at, “Well, think about it.” Noting that county sales tax income was down and attributing it the county’s failure to sponsor tourism advertising, Sue committed to reaching out to her counterparts in the Greenwich and Cambridge area chambers to continue our three-chamber efforts to advertise.

Jay noted that by October the by-laws require the nominating committee to meet and propose a slate for new officers. All existing board members are in the middle of their first or second three-year terms. In keeping with the chamber’s by-laws, President Clary and Vice President Sturgis were re-elected to their positions, and Sue appointed to the board Joan Lowe as Treasurer and Jay Kerr as Secretary.

All this, and Donna Orlyk’s unanimously seconded motion to adjourn at 5:59.

Respectfully submitted,

Jay Kerr, Secretary

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