May 2017 Meeting Minutes


McCartee’s Barn, 5 PM. Directors present: Sue Clary, Charlie Duveen, Jay Kerr, Donna Orlyk, Rose Ann Savage and Angela Sturgis.

Presidernt Sue Clary called the meeting to order at 5:05 PM. On a motion from Donna Orlyk and second from Angela Sturgis, the April minutes were unanimously approved.

Jay Kerr read into the minutes figures that Treasurer Joan Lowe had sent in her absence. SACC financial report, May 8, 2017:


Cash in checking               6008.68

includes septic                2500.00

Cash in Savings                 6648.32

Total cash           $12657.00

Acct’ Receivable                137.00


Crisis Fund Balance                     2040.01

Membership 2018                           55.00

Sign post Balance                         346.41

Net income to date            1908.22

Total income to date          3114.00

Membership income for 2017 is 2985.00

Rose Ann Savage moved the report be accepted as read; Jay seconded. Unanimous approval.

Charlie Duveen reported that the wine and beer ordered for our June mixer had been delivered by Dave Linendoll to the hardware store under the misconception that the mixer was in May. A communications glitch for which blame was neither assigned nor assumed. A discussion of the “freshness” factor of beer insued. Introduced by Jay, who doesn’t drink beer but has a friend who checks dates of manufacture, which are stamped on some if not all beer, the remarks fell as flat as stale beer.

Sue updated us on developments on the possible Dollar Store in town (a vote would be held the next day to change zoning to allow commercial buildings), some discussion of Main Street sewer (at that time, still not under feasibility study), and the upcoming mixer on June 8.

Joan had submitted a bill for filing the corporate tax return; Rose Ann moved that we approve the expenditure, Charlie seconded, and approval was unanimous. Sue committed to looking into having the treasurer’s books audited, at treasurer’s request.

Our next meeting will follow the mixer, Monday, June 12, at McCartee’s Barn, 5 PM.

Donna moved at 5:45 that we adjourn, and we did.

Repsectfully submitted,

Jay Kerr, Secretary

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