March 2016 Meeting Minutes


Monthly Board of Directors Meeting held at McCartee’s Barn. Attending: directors Sue Clary, Jay Kerr, Joan Lowe, Donna Orlyk, Chris Preble, Kristen Preble, Rose Ann Savage, Angela Sturgis. Member Charlie Duveen

The meeting was called to order at 5:05 by President Sue Clary, who called for a motion to approve the minutes; moved by Chris Preble, second by Angela Sturgis.

Joan Lowe presented her Treasurer’s Report. Checking account holds $7220; savings $6005.

Mrs. Lowe is having issues with either her computer or her QuickBooks program. Rose Ann Savage moved that the board approve expenses for a house call visit from chamber member Wilson Pratt to assess the culprit (computer or program) up to including potential adjustment to the computer and/or purchase of updated QB. Seconded and passed. Joan felt she could start a new account for the chamber for 2016 without issue; Rose Ann felt that the history the computer (hopefully) contains is of long term value to the chamber.

The board asked that we include Wilson Pratt’s phone number in the minutes. 518.470.8069

 Membership (Angela Sturgis) reported on continued pursuit of purchase of membership decals, and that a week ago she and Chris Preble had snail-mailed out 36 delinquent dues notices, and already received 8 renewals. And new member paperwork for Taylor Brewery, located in Hebron.

 Sue Clary added that Laura Dunham (Laura’s Garden) had asked if the chamber were interested in distributing welcome baskets to two new businesses in town. Your secretary noted in discussion that the last recipient of a welcome basket (well over a year ago) thought that it came from a different local organization (the now-defunct business joined neither organization).  Nodding heads around the table seemed to agree that a physical visit by a representative of the chamber, extolling the virtues of chamber membership, was potentially a more personal and effective way to interest a new business in joining us. President Clary promised to visit the businesses in question.

The Marketing Committee bemoaned the trek to the Washington County Board of Supervisors’ Meeting in February, reporting in person what was outlined in last month’s minutes. As a result of reaching out to the Granville Area chamber for them to join us in February (which they did not), I spoke to their general membership meeting on March 8, inviting them to explore joining the three chambers of and .org in generic advertising to the world-at-large. There was some interest; if and when it’s real, they’ll contact us to go further.

March 15 was the deadline for entries in our 2016 Places to Go/Things to Do publication. Angela will reach out in the coming week to explore interest in group advertising for the spring and summer. This is a benefit of membership in which we partially subsidize (20%) full page Salem ads in regional guides. It’s a program unique in the county to the SACC.

In other and new business, Sue spoke of the chamber/community meeting on March 8 to kickstart the discussion of the Main Street Renaissance Grant, which will result in more community meetings and meetings of a grant committee, and, in the end, a plan for business district revitalization. She went to a LARAC meeting the next day, and has invited the speaker from that meeting, Tony Iadicicco, Exec Dir of Albany Center Gallery, who spoke of the arts as a means of community revitalization, to join us in a chamber general membership/community meeting tentatively scheduled for Monday, June 13. And finally, she noted that she had a visit from State Assembly member Carrie Woerner, who is offering her support and counsel in our pursuit of making the town a more viable host to new and existing businesses.

At 5:58, Sue entertained a motion for adjournment. Chris moved. We all seconded, approved and disbanded to departure or social conversations.

Jay Kerr

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