June 2017 Meeting Minutes


McCartee’s Barn. Directors present: Sue Clary, Charlie Duveen, Jay Kerr, Joan Lowe, Donna Orlyk,  Rose Ann Savage, and Angela Sturgis.

The meeting was called to order at 5:01 PM. President Sue Clary called for a motion to approve the May minutes. Donna Orlyk so moved; Angela Sturgis seconded. Unanimous approval.

In the Treasurer’s report [Treasurer Lowe please accept secretary’s apology for rounded-off figures], Joan reported $4040 in checking, $6008 in savings, $2500 allotted for spetic fund, and $1940 in crisis fund. A check had been paid from the crisis fund for $100 on June 8. Jay Kerr moved that the report be accepted; Rose Ann Savage seconded; motion carried unanimously.

Janet Swears will no longer be an administrator on the chamber Facebook page. Sue said she would write a thank you note to her. We subsequently posted on the FB page instructions for anyone looking to have an event listed on the page, noting that with Janet’s departure, we would require advance notice.

Angela Sturgis announced that we had been solicited for participation in September’s Cheese, Wine & Beer Tour. Sue moved that we support it at the $130 level; Donna seconded; carried unanimously.

Angela also announced the new Georgi website makeover: thegeorgi.com

Thanks to Charlie Duveen for a successful mixer on June 8. Karen Chistensen will audit books [She did. They are accurate. No surprise; thanks, Joan Lowe and Karen.] Donna suggested flyers for the Fourth of July parade; Sue said she would take of that. Rose Ann is researching a fall mixer. Group decided to think of possible fundraisers.

The meeting ended with members scurrying so fast, including myself, that I did not record the time. Had to be about 6 PM.

Respectfully and hastily submitted,

Jay Kerr, Secretary

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