June 2016 Meeting Minutes


Held at McCartee’s Barn. Directors present: Sue Clary, Jay Kerr, Joan Lowe, Laura Mitchell, Chris Preble, Rose Ann Savage and Angela Sturgis.

President Sue Clary called the meeting to order at 5:08 PM. Chris Preble, seconded by Laura Mitchell, moved that the May minutes be accepted. They were, unanimously.

The treasurer’s report was submitted and approved. In interests of getting these minutes written, please ask to see monthly report which is on file with the secretary and the treasurer. The report was accepted.

At regular intervals, some discussion ensues about the Crisis Fund. We reviewed what it does, how we’d like it to be better funded, and how we wish we could do more.

Under Old Business, discussion continued about the proposed June 23rd open meeting featuring Tony Iadicicco, Executive Director, Albany Center Gallery, speaking about how arts can play a role in the growth of a community using the Glens Falls Main Street Beautification Program as an example. The June date turned out not to be viable, and we talked about other dates. [Subsequent to planning a July date, Sue decided to abandon the event, in that she was looking to pair it with the Main Street Revitalization project, which has already made its plans for pursuing grants.]

Extensive conversation continued from last month’s meeting about the chamber donating funds, as a chamber, to Lunch, Learn and Play at the Community Courthouse Center. Board members have contributed as individuals and businesses and determined that the best way to support the endeavor was to encourage individual members of the chamber to contribute. Laura Mitchell moved that the chamber contribute $100 to LL&P, but there was no second.

Sue Clary reminded members to whom the chamber had supplied bunting last year that July 4 was a fine time to re-display it. Jay Kerr admitted that his was still up from last year; Rose Ann Savage later reported that Glens Falls National Bank’s facility management crew (what other Salem business has a facility management crew?) had destroyed their bunting, displayed only seasonally, because it had faded.

At 6:06, Chris Preble moved for adjournment, Angela Sturgis seconded, and we were all on our way.

Respectfully submitted,

J. Kerr, Secretary

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