July 2016 Meeting Minutes


McCartee’s Barn. Directors attending: Sue Clary, Jay Kerr, Joan Lowe, Laura Mitchell, Rose Ann Savage, Angela Sturgis. Member attending: Charlie Duveen.

President Sue Clary called the meeting to order at 5:08, mindful of a need to handle business expeditiously, to accommodate folks who had a pressing need to be elsewhere. Rose Ann Savage moved that the minutes for the June meeting be accepted. Of several seconds, Angela Sturgis’s was recognized, and the motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer Joan Lowe reported (my approximations) $4668 in checking and $6006 in savings, for a balance of $10,674. Rose Ann moved acceptance of the report, a seemingly unanimous second followed, and the motion carried.

Under Old Business, we discussed the Crisis Fund, how it was created to meet the needs of local families inundated with medical bills, that it usually paid $100 or $200 for medical expenses. Some discussion about wishing it were larger and that we could, as an organization, do more for families in need. Angela was asked to work with Chris Preble to create a statement of how the fund operates, with possible suggestions on how it might work better.

The smell of new blood in the room, albeit of retirement age in the person of Charlie Duveen, opened a discussion of adding new members to the board of directors. Several elected members have not been able to attend meetings, and Sue volunteered to contact them to see if they had an interest in staying on the board or helping in some other capacity. Although there was interest in voting Charlie onto the board while he was still sitting at the table, an increased number of board members would increase the number of members required for a quorum (more than 50% of the board in attendance).

Charlie had suggestions about using social media and having a recurring newsletter about regional business and social news. While we were in general agreement about the possible positive effect that might have on business and local morale, the marketing committee (Angela and your secretary), which administers the website, blessed the addition of such outreach if someone other than they volunteered to do it.

The lack of such a volunteer at the meeting segued into a discussion of new fundraising initiatives. Like the broken record I can sometimes be, I spoke of the energy-sapping history of HarvestFest, which is affectionately remembered and caused the exodus from our board of former presidents Cafrtitz and Swears, and board members Coldwell and Dunham. Their contributions are legend, and their absence sorely felt (Mrs. Swears continues to administer the Facebook page, for which we are grateful). We agreed that fund-raising efforts need to be practical within our limited volunteer workforce.

New copies of our white member decals were presented to Sue for distribution by Angela, who had researched and ordered the new product. If you need a member decal to display on the window of your business, Sue has them.

Sue showed us the flyer announcing a public meeting to discuss the Salem Main Street Renaissance Plan [held July 26] and agreed to post the flyer on our website.

At 5:45 PM, Joan moved that we adjourn. Laura Mitchell briefly entertained a discussion about the 4th of July Parade, which, according to rumor, the fire department may wish to surrender to another organization. Such discussion was tabled (hopefully not until July, 2017) and Sue, on her way out the door, seconded Joan’s motion, called for a vote, and we adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Jay Kerr, Secretary

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