January 2017 Meeting Minutes


Brooklynn Marie’s, 5:30 PM. Directors Present: Sue Clary, Charlie Duveen, Jay Kerr, Joan Lowe, Chris Preble, Rose Ann Savage. Members present included at the start of meeting: Aggie Duveen, Bob Preble.

Sue called the meeting to order at 5:39 PM, in anticipation of General Membership Meeting at 6 PM. At the request of Treasurer Joan Lowe, Secretary Jay Kerr agreed to include specific numbers of dollar amounts in checkbook and savings accounts, rather than the general approximations in the December meeting. With those changes amending the minutes for December 2016, with Chris Preble moving and Angela Sturgis seconding, the minutes were unanimously approved. Those figures are included in the online Board Meeting Archives.

In her Treasurer’s Report, Joan reported $5781 in checking and $6007.18 in savings. A $2500 reserve for potential contributions to the Main Street Sewer project is included in savings. $2140 Crisis Fund reserve is in the checking account. With Angela’s motion and Chris Preble’s second, the Treasurer’s Report was unanimously approved.

The secretary read a thank you note from Christmas Parade organizers Laura Dunham, Janet Swears, and Stacy Craft. Although we were official sponsors of the event, this note of thanks was for our participating in the parade on November 26 with a group of chamber members marching holding signs proclaiming our businesses, as we all held on the a rope which symbolized our working together. It is with such a simple, clean concept that we managed to win the Best Entry Award in our own parade. When President Sue Clary showed us the trophy at the December meeting, she noted that the judges who voted on the award were unaware that we were the sponsors of the parade.

Sue then spoke briefly about the upcoming presentation to the Town Board of the Main Street Revitalization Plan.  [Presentation of plan is currently scheduled for Wednesday,  February 8.]

She then spoke of the purchase of land by Dollar General and her feelings that a Dollar General store would not be a good fit for the town, since the land is located in an area zoned residential.. Chris Preble countered, suggesting that as an organization of businesses we support it, as it would increase the tax base and possible bring people to town to shop at other businesses.

Their ability to both disagree and discuss and later break bread together could serve as a model for our federal government. (An unsolicited observation by your secretary who figures he can make occasional comments). [From the Town of Salem website: Town meeting on Wednesday 1/11/2017 discussed the Dollar General coming to Salem. The process will be that they submit their application to the Town Planning Board (which was done), then go to the town board for a denial because it’s in a residential area; then go to the Zoning Board of Appeals to hold a public hearing and make a determination.]

At 5:56, as members appeared for the Meeting of the General Membership, the monthly Board of Directors Meeting was adjourned — what actually happened was Chris Preble moved we adjourn and Joan Lowe said, “Thank you.”


On Monday, January 9, at 6:15 PM, following the guidelines of the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce by-laws, President Sue Clary officially called to order the combination Annual Meeting of the General Membership and our first chamber mixer at Brooklynn Marie’s.

Sue summarized the board’s latest accomplishments, including sponsorship of the 2016 Christmas Parade,

subsidizing the Marketing Committee attending a seminar on Social Media and Marketing in October, sponsoring more mixers for local networking, and truly discovering that we are stronger together (secretary’s note: that slogan is once again available).

For the Marketing Committee, your secretary encouraged participation in the 2017 Places to Go/Things to Do Map and Calendar. Even if one does not advertise, every member can have business-related events on the published calendar. The March 2 deadline and more information is on our Events Page on the website,

Drinks, pizza, and chicken wings were then consumed.

Respectfully submitted,

Jay Kerr, Secretary

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