February 2017 Meeting Minutes


McCartee’s Barn, 5 PM. Directors Present: Sue Clary, Charlie Duveen, Jay Kerr, Laura Mitchell, Kristen Preble, and Angela Sturgis. Guest: Bob Akland, for the Courthouse Community Center.

President Sue Clary called the meeting to order at 5:07 PM.

Bob Akland brought us up-to-date on the goings-on at the courthouse. He spoke highly of the work being done by new director Janice Quartararo, and announced that Susi Thomas would be on staff several hours a week, working on events and programs. He announced the courthouse’s initiative to market itself, among its many activities, as a wedding venue. With the commercial kitchen, courtroom, barn, grounds, and space to erect tents, the courthouse has much to offer. Bob felt that speaking with the chamber might give him some input as to potential coordination with other area businesses. Any member businesses interesting in a collaboration can contact the courthouse.

With his presentation complete, we invited Bob to remain for the rest of the meeting. He left, cordially.

The January minutes were approved, with Kristen abstaining, since she hadn’t attended and was not willing to vote as to accuracy. Although Treasurer Joan Lowe was in Florida, she did not want us to skip her report. Her email to the secretary was as follows: “The checking a/c balance, per the bank statement dated Jan. 31 is $7422.69.  The savings balance is 6007.18, but $2500 of the savings is in reserve for the sewer project. Total all $13,429.87. Howz that?”

We discussed the upcoming 2017 Map and Calendar project. Subscription was a little sluggish, so Sue volunteered to encourage businesses to participate. [The project is now in the hands of Heather Bellanca, who will lay it out and get it to the printer.]

Other business included the topics of tourism [two sessions by the county were to be presented in February. As it turned out, none of the board could attend either]; the Main Street Revitalization Plan, which was recently presented to the town board by Barton and Loguidice; Sue’s report of an active town board still working on absorption of the village government into the town’s; an upcoming study on the historic district (which has been a part of the village); and the impending deliberations over Dollar General’s proposal to move into a district with mixed commercial/residential usage.

Angela Sturgis discussed upcoming group advertising for the spring and summer, which still is one of the best incentives to memberships. Businesses can get exposure in several publications in the area for a chamber-subsidized amount under $150. Each magazine, carefully chosen, remains on the shelves over a prolonger period, in some cases four or five months. They include Manchester Publishing summer guides, the Hersam Acorn summer guide, and the Post-Star’s Go and Do. When her Group Advertising email comes to your inbox, it’s a good business decision to open it.

At 6:08 PM, in the absence of Chris Preble, your secretary moved for adjournment. Angela and Kristen seconded simultaneously. We adjourned unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Jay Kerr, Secretary

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