December 2017 Meeting Minutes


McCartee’s Barn. Directors present: Sue Clary, Charlie Duveen, Jay Kerr, Joan Lowe, Donna Orlyk, Chris Preble, Rose Ann Savage, and Angela Sturgis. Member present: Jessica Roesel, representing SAW.

The meeting was officially called to order at 5:10 PM. President Sue Clary called for a motion to approve the November minutes. Chris Preble so moved; Rose Ann Savage seconded. Unanimous approval.

Treasurer Joan Lowe reported $4423.06 in checking, $3510.19 in savings, $346.41 in signpost fund; $2135.01 in Crisis Fund. Chris moved for approval; Donna Orlyk seconded. Unanimous approval.

Under Old Business, President Sue Clary discussed her recent participation at the Board of Supervisors Tourism Committee meeting in Fort Edward. The committee was hearing presentations from three different companies eager to win a contract to serve as a source of branding and marketing for the county. We are hoping that Sue is able to secure appointment to that committee once she starts her service as Town Supervisor and her official presence in Fort Edward. Your secretary is tempted to carry on about how the supervisors have mismanaged tourism through the recent years, but he won’t.

Sue reported that the Christmas Parade was successful, and Small Business Saturday profitable. Attention was then diverted to the possibility of the chamber sponsoring a Fourth of July Parade, since the fire department has decided to no longer sponsor the holiday parade. Costs outweigh benefits. Rob Southerland has expressed interest in conceiving a new direction for the event, as many of us feel that, should the chamber take on the sponsorship, we should not try to duplicate the fire department’s model (since we don’t think we could produce the same type of parade as successfully as they have). Donna Orlyk will investigate the possibility of booking food trucks to sell refreshments at or after the parade.

The budget committee recommended some adjustments to Joan’s proposed budget as a result of their November meeting. Jay moved that the 2018 budget be approved; Joan seconded. On the committee’s recommendation, the vote was unanimous.

A short board meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 9, at 5 PM at the Salem Tavern. The Annual Meeting of the Membership of the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce will follow at 6 PM.

With a motion to adjourn from Chris, seconded by Angela, and unanimously passed, the meeting adjourned at 5:47 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Jay Kerr, Secretary

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