August 2017 Meeting Minutes


The Cabaret at Fort Salem Theater. Directors present: Sue Clary, Charlie Duveen, Jay Kerr, Joan Lowe, Donna Orlyk,  and Angela Sturgis.

The meeting was called to order at 5:07 PM. President Sue Clary called for a motion to approve the June minutes. Angela Sturgis so moved; Donna Orlyk seconded. Unanimous approval.

In the Treasurer’s report, Joan Lowe reported $3259 in checking, $6009 in savings, $2500 allotted for spetic fund, and $1940 in crisis fund. Jay Kerr moved that the report be accepted; Charlie Duveen seconded; motion carried unanimously.

Setting the date for a fall mixer, group determined that we will host the chamber membership at Trip’s on Main Street in Shushan on Friday, October 13, at 6 PM.

President Sue Clary will be out of town during our second Tuesday meeting week, so the new September meeting was set for McCartee’s Barn, Tuesday, September 5.

Charlie Duveen announced that Rotary would be hosting a session with assembly-person Carrie Woerner on Monday, 8/28, and asked us to pass the word. We posted on website and Facebook page.

We briefly discussed the purpose of our 6 PM community meeting to discuss loss of business on Main Street.

As community began filing into the cabaret room, Jay Kerr moved that we adjourn; Joan seconded. Unanimous.

Following the meeting, Robin Scutt of Faerydale asked about the signpost at the stoplight. Angela said she would look into vacancies. There are at least three and possibly four expired businesses on the post, which leaves room for up to four new signpost members. The intital investment is $175, with a yearly $10 maintenance fee. Interested members should contact Angela Sturgis or

Respectfully submitted,

Jay Kerr, Secretary


Discussion began at 6:01 in a well-attended meeting of community members, some business owners and some concerned citizens.

Sue brought people up-to-date concerning the Dollar General store and the committee looking into a study of two possible plans for a sewer system in the downtown area. Suggestions were made to create window displays for vacant Main Street buildings.

To your secretary’s non-voting eyes (I vote in Hebron), these appeared to be issues that might gain momentum in the upcoming town board election in November. As it turned out, both the Democratic and Republican candidates for supervisor were in attendance and expressed their points of view, some in concert with one another and some differing.

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