August 2016 Meeting Minutes


McCartee’s Barn. Directors attending: Sue Clary, Jay Kerr, Joan Lowe, Laura Mitchell, Donna Orlyk, Kristen Preble, Rose Ann Savage, Angela Sturgis. Members attending: Aggy and Charlie Duveen.

President Sue Clary convened the meeting at 5:09 PM.

Angela Sturgis distributed agenda and minutes from last meeting. Donna Orlyk moved that the minutes be accepted, Joan Lowe seconded, and while some of the directors were still reading the minutes and did not vote, a majority approved and the motion carried. Upon completing their reading, none of the non-voters voiced objection to the carried motion.

In the Treasurer’s Report, Joan Lowe reported total assets of $10,252. A loss of $1030 exists in the Marketing Account, paid-for advertising which will be billed to businesses participating in the Group Advertising program. Jay Kerr moved approval; Angela Sturgis seconded. Carried unanimously.

Sue reported a conversation with Tammy Butler, who resigned from the board and will be happy to work on a Salem Community Calendar for the board. Rose Ann Savage nominated Charlie Duveen to serve out Tammy’s term, Donna Orlyk seconded, and Charlie was unanimously approved by attending board members.

We discussed two communications from Laura Dunham, one from the Main Street Beautification folks, and one from the Main Street Business Owners group.

The Beautification folks (they want neither to be called a committee or an organization, and certainly have no official leader, although Laura and Sue Clary appear to be instrumental in their work and communication thereof) sent a letter to business owners and organizations soliciting funds to cover repainting of chairs and continued decoration of beautification boxes on Main Street. The Business Owner email (of August 4) announced three events of general interest, including a date for the Christmas Parade on Saturday, November 26. Some general confusion ensued as to our sponsorship of said parade, since none of us as a group or individuals had been informed of a suggested date prior to the email. Laura had chaired the parade last year, we had supported that, and paid for advertising of it. We agreed that was a good arrangement.

We bounced then to the email which stated <<Saturday November 26th: Small Business Saturday and Annual Christmas Parade (1pm): Christmas trees will be lit, holiday flags will be hung, planters will be filled with holiday greenery and the street will be lined with families.>>  Historically, the chamber has provided white lights to Main Street businesses (and Fort Salem Theater, McCartee’s Barn, and the Courthouse Community Center) for tree lighting, and engineered the donation or purchase of trees to thirteen businesses. Sue Clary will, true to her surname, clarify all of this with Laura so we can coordinate and not duplicate efforts.

Rose Ann Savage moved that the chamber donate $100 to the Beautification Fund, Laura Mitchell seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.

Sue reported on a public informational meeting held July 26 at Proudfit Hall to discuss the Salem Main Street Area Renaissance Plan, paid for by a grant and matching town funds, headed by Bob Murphy, from Barton and Loguidice (Engineers, Environmental Scientists, Planners, Landscape Architects). [A subsequent public meeting has been held, clarifying the purpose of the study and seeking community input.] As with anything governmental, even at the town level, every answered question leads to further questions. Thus, we encouraged Sue to invite Supervisor Seth Pitts to the board’s 9/12 meeting.

Charlie Duveen had asked for time to present some ideas about improving the chamber’s website. He’d like to see more upcoming events posted. The marketing committee, in the persons of Angela and Jay, stated that the mechanism exists for members to send us events and flyers to post both on the calendar and events pages. We do publish a calendar of events for the year in April, but the website and frequent Facebook postings encourage businesses to send in events to post on the website pages.

Noting that we were about to exceed allotted time for meeting, a call for quick New Business lead Joan Lowe to suggest that her new business would take some time to discuss, Donna Orlyk moved that we adjourn, and, indicating her willingness to postpone her business, at 6:10 PM, Joan Lowe seconded. Carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Jay Kerr, Secretary

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