April 2016 Meeting Minutes


Held at Jacko’s Corner Shoppe. Directors present: Tammy Butler, Jay Kerr, Joan Lowe, Chris Preble, and Angela Sturgis, joined by member Larry Tomasini.

Vice-president Angela Sturgis delayed the official start to the meeting in order to allow a quorum to materialize. When that failed to happen by 5:16, she called the meeting to order. Prior to that time, Larry Tomasini shared information that the Manchester (VT) Chamber of Commerce was in the process of filing for Chapter 11 protection and was apparently going out of business. The chamber employs an executive director; thus a serious payroll item.

Without a quorum, we could not approve the minutes; there were no additions or corrections. Joan Lowe’s treasurer’s report, also not officially approved (but as accurate as if it were), revealed $13,462.72 in checking and savings. Referring to hardware issues discussed and documented in last month’s minutes, Joan had enjoyed a glitch-free relationship with her computer and her Quickbooks software until early this week, when some old problems resurfaced. We re-encouraged her to have Wilson Pratt check out her machine.

For Membership, Angela reported twelve renewals as a result of communication to dues delinquent members from the committee. She will also pursue the purchase of decals for members’ windows.

For Marketing, Angela reported that the group advertising for the summer had 16 members subscribed for all four publications, which should bring cost/participant below $140. Your secretary reported that 19 members had participated in the Places-to-Go/Things-to-Do Calendar brochure, which brought the billing price down to $45/participant. The chamber will subsidize approximately $2 per participant.

We discussed the development of community virtual and physical calendars. Tammy Butler and Jay Kerr will work together on actualizing a result from our extensive discussions following a community meeting last fall.

We looked forward to a meeting of the general membership in June (as reported in last month’s minutes) and discussed possible venues for a social mixer in early fall.

Joan wanted to make sure we officially thanked Tammy Butler for the use of Jacko’s for the meeting. She offered use of the venue any time we needed it.

At 5:56, Chris Preble moved that we adjourn the meeting. We noted that we could not vote on that motion until we have a quorum, possibly at the May meeting. Chris withdrew the motion. We each adjourned ourselves.

Respectfully submitted,

Jay Kerr, Secretary

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